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A Couple Of Upgrades To Help Keep Your Business Safe From Fire

Posted by on Apr 11, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on A Couple Of Upgrades To Help Keep Your Business Safe From Fire

There are many threats that can cause serious harm to your enterprise, and it can be a common mistake for new business owners to overlook some of the threats that can ravage their enterprise. In particular, fire can be a devastating problem, and it is important to note that there are a couple of tips that you can follow to help reduce the vulnerability of your business to this hazard. Invest In Fire Resistant Insulation The type of insulation that is used in your business’s walls may not seem like an important factor in fire safety. However, it is possible to install fire-resistant insulation that is made of mineral wool. This type of insulation can withstand the extreme heat of the fire without igniting, but it should be noted that this insulation will not completely prevent a fire from spreading. Rather, it can slow the spread of the fire, which may give your employees and customers more time to evacuate the building. Sadly, there are some business owners that may be hesitant about making this upgrade due to the costs involved. However, your insurance company may offer discounts on your premiums for making this structural upgrade, which can help to offset some of the expenses of making this upgrade. Install Fire Doors In addition to installing fire-resistant insulation, you should also consider installing fire doors throughout your company’s building. These doors are extremely fire resistant, and they can be closed when a fire is detected. This will help to further slow the spread of the fire through the structure. By keeping the fire contained, it will be easier for first responders to extinguish it. To ensure that these doors work when a fire erupts, it will be important for you to ensure that they are regularly serviced by a trained professional. During these service visits, the technician will test the motors on these doors to make sure that they can open and close. Additionally, the fire sensors will be tested, and if problems are discovered, these sensors will be replaced. Ideally, you should have this work done at least once a year to help keep your business as safe as possible. Mitigating the risks of a fire causing serious damages to your business is an essential part of being a responsible business owner. By committing to having fire resistant insulation and fire doors installed, you may be able to inhibit the fire from spreading, which can help to minimize the damages from this potentially devastating threat. Consider talking to a fire protection engineer for more...

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3 Things You Might Not Know About Mold

Posted by on Dec 30, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 3 Things You Might Not Know About Mold

No homeowner ever wants to see a bunch of mold growing inside of their home. Regardless of whether it is a small amount or a large colony of mold, you need to get it taken care of as quickly as possible to prevent any issues with your health and well-being. Oftentimes, people don’t fully understand mold and what it can do to your home and your health. To help you better understand this toxic substance, here are a few things you need to know. Mold degrades buildings and your health. Mold damage can actually degrade your property and cause a number of health problems for those who live in the property. By just having mold in the home, you are actually breathing in mold spores. Those spores are all it takes to end up struggling with respiratory and immune system problems. Don’t allow the spores to destroy your building and your health. Mold remediation is the only way to protect your property and yourself. Being exposed to mold has also been associated with allergies, asthma and even hay fever. The spores can get deep into your lungs and trigger an allergic reaction. Children and the elderly are even more prone to these types of issues, so you need to get rid of the problem as quickly as you can. Mold isn’t a dirt. Oftentimes, people assume that mold is just dirt. That isn’t the case. It actually belongs to the mushroom family. You cannot clean it. You have to kill the living organism. Unless you get to the bottom of the problem and eliminate the source of the mold, you will find yourself constantly having to clean the mold out of your home. Bleach can’t kill all molds. Many people assume that simple bleach is all they need to clean up mold damage in their home. That isn’t necessarily the case. While bleach can kill any mold growing on tiles, counters, glass and bathtubs, it cannot get rid of mold growing on wood and drywall. Essentially, it ends up killing off the mold on the surface, but it cannot penetrate deep into the surface to kill everything that lies beneath. Because of this, you need to turn to someone with the training and experience to properly eradicate the mold from your home. Mold isn’t always understood properly. Don’t ever assume it is no big deal and leave it be. You need to take action as quickly as possible and have a mold remediation specialist get rid of the problem for you. Contact a company like A. G. Wassenaar, Inc. to learn...

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Getting a Product through a Tough Crowd

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Ponzi schemes, referral plots, and affiliate marketing may send chills up the spines of some of your more savvy buyers. The same tactic of showing how well something works or how money is a sure thing may not work on everyone, but if you want to get as much out of networking marketing as possible, you’ll need to figure out how all of the personalities in your friend and client circles work. Before jumping straight into sales mode, consider a few social engineering and personal development techniques for getting your product through a tough crowd. Why Are Some People Suspicious of Network Marketing? Network marketing or affiliate marketing has been around for a long time. Because of its nature, there are a lot of people who have seen how the system works–or doesn’t work–for different businesses. If you’re new to the system, know that there are a lot of people who not only know what you’re trying to do, but have either participated before or have burned before. The term ponzi scheme was introduced earlier, but it’s important to understand that not all network marketing systems are ponzi schemes–even though your potential customers will at least suspect your plans. A ponzi scheme is designed to give the most money to the people at the top of the network and less to the people at bottom. It could be in the form of borrowing money and promising to pay it back, then acquiring funds from others to pay the original amount with some extra. The first person borrows money from a person or group, then gives a lower rank of people a product or service to sell. That rank is taught to do the same thing with more people, preferably with enough sales to cover any borrowed money.  The key to convincing customers of your legitimacy is to know your product or service. If you don’t know how it works or what it could be used for, don’t sell it. To be successful, you need confidence and expertise in your product or service. Hold Off the Sale until Personalities Show Unsolicited sales turn some people off. Although some people have no problem with a shotgun approach that hits as many potential customers as possible, think of the sales you could be missing from people who can’t stand sales pitches. Instead of going into a speech or talking about how great a product is, pay attention to your potential customer’s needs and attitude. For diet systems, don’t just go around overweight people and offer some pills to solve the problem; you don’t know if they’re trying to lose weight naturally or simply averse to comments about their weight. Another example would be beauty products. There are many different products on the market not simply because it’s an easy way to sell, but because everyone has a different reaction to different products–even if their skin looks the same. Some people may have allergic reactions while others may just hate the texture of the product. What you perceive as one skin type could just be bad lighting or an allergic reaction from someone else, and your product may not help things. Instead of selling a product, ask about the person’s situation and if they’re interested in trying something out. People may still be skeptical of...

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Make The Right Hiring Decision: 4 Crucial Tips For Pre-Employment Screening

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Although pre-employment screening is in no way foolproof since people have learned very well how to hide their feelings, it is still an important part of the hiring process. Here are four tips to ensure a successful screening of potential candidates so that you can hopefully hire the right person for the job: 1. Verbally Check the Candidate’s References. People lie. It’s the sad truth. Therefore, the written references that an applicant provides you could have been written by their best friend or a family member. It is important that you don’t take written references by the applicant’s word and you actually take the time to verbally call the reference and verify the information in the letter. You may want to consider asking open-ended questions so that the person you are speaking to has to elaborate. You want to make sure that you are getting the employee that the candidate has described themselves to be. 2. Check Out the Candidate’s Online Presence. Almost everyone has some sort of an online footprint, whether it is a personal blog or a social media page like Facebook. Do a quick online search of the candidate’s name. You may need to add their city and state. Although the internet creates a very public environment, many people still don’t give much thought to their privacy settings or what they say online. It isn’t uncommon for employees to talk badly of their employers, which is not something that you would likely want to deal with. 3. Check the Candidate’s Level of Commitment. If the person applying for a position within your company is currently employed, you need to consider counter offers. You may want to ask them what their reaction would be if their current employer tried to get them to stay, such as with a huge bonus or pay raise. The candidate’s answer will inform you of whether they are a dedicated employee or if money is their primary concern. If it seems as if they would be tempted by money, you may be able to save yourself from not having an employee in the next month or two. 4.  Check the Candidate’s Reactions to Your Contract. All organizations have some form of employment contract that potential employees must sign before being considered a company employee. An interview is a good time to discuss the contract terms with the candidate and see their reaction to the terms. This will help you iron out problems early on, if you notice a possible sticking point in the contract. Even with the aforementioned tips, it is important that you don’t overlook the importance of a solid background check and employment screening from a professional company. There may be certain things that you didn’t catch on your own that an expert employment screening company...

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The Top Tips To Finding Your Love Partner

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If you’re having a hard time finding love and you aren’t sure whether anything is wrong with you, there are a few things that you can try to get a date. It can be hard trying to attract a mate if you don’t know what you’re doing, and you don’t know how to maximize your potential. With the help of social media, online dating options, astrology and a great psychic, you can find out when it’s the right time for you to make a move. Here are the benefits of the following: Online Dating There are 40 million people in America that are using online dating to find a mate, and you could find the person that is looking for you. If you want to use an online dating site, make sure that you use the most flattering picture of yourself that you have, and that you have an open mind with potential prospects. Many sites will match you up with people you have common interests with, which can help you weed through candidates that you wouldn’t like. It also helps you narrow down your search to find someone faster. Social Media Looking up people who you know from school or past jobs, mingling on event or business pages and more can help you find a boyfriend or girlfriend. Social media sites allow others to see what you look like, what type of things you like to do, and how you act regularly, instead of on your dating profile application. Astrology You may want to look for a good love match based on your zodiac sign, to find out how compatible you are with others. There are many people who date specifically by the rules of the zodiac, to find someone they are compatible with. Psychic Advice A real psychic that reads your energy can let you know if love is near, and if it’s time for you to make a move in your love life. They can help you find where that special person is hiding, and let you know if you are really ready for love. If you don’t have one near you, you can always talk with one on the phone, or find a professional that offers free psychic reading online chat or text services. You can find love if you use these tools. Someone is out there looking just like you, so step out of your comfort zone and put yourself out...

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Do You What Is Your Net Promoter Score Is? 3 Ways Your Number Is Affecting Your Bottom Line

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A net promoter score (NPS) is something that business consultants, business owners and marketing experts use to see how well a business is doing in one key area: customer satisfaction. The number, ranging from -100 to 100, is a great indicator of how well your business is doing and if you can expect exponential growth or shrinkage in the future. If you’re a business owner and don’t know your number, you’re not doing everything you can to succeed and increase your profits. Following are three ways your number affects your bottom line.  Customer Retention  An astounding 80 percent of your future revenue will come from just 20 percent of your existing customers. So there is a lot riding on your NPS. If customers aren’t happy, they’re more likely to defect, meaning they won’t do business with you ever again. If you can keep customers happy and increase your customer retention percentage, you can increase your profits dramatically. It is estimated that 5 percent retention growth increases profits by a whopping 75 percent.  Customer Loyalty At first glance, you might think that customer retention and customer loyalty are one in the same. However, they are vastly different. Customer retention basically means that a customer is a repeat customer. A loyal customer, on the other hand, is considered a promoter. They love you, and they will tell all their friends and family about your products and services. In fact, many loyal promoters will push everyone they know to give you a try, which is word-of-mouth advertising at its best. And the best part? It’s free. Cost of Advertising More than 70 percent of companies report that it is far cheaper to keep an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. What’s more, repeat customers tend to spend more money than new ones. Therefore, you will make more money by increasing your customer retention and pay out less in advertising to acquire new customers. Both improve your bottom line. All you have to do is improve your customer satisfaction rating. As you can see, your NPS number is a vital indicator of your business’ health and ability to earn profits in the future. To figure out what your customer satisfaction rating is, hire an NPS consultant who can help you gather feedback from your customers and tally the results. Gathering feedback that’s representative of how your customer base feels about you is a complicated task. So it’s a great idea to hire someone who knows what they’re...

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